Status Update Notification Templates demo 3.28.22

Sachin Tambe
about 1 month agoMay 26, 2022
Once I customize a message for initial, how can I reuse the same subject and body content for next update 
I just would like to do minor changes

Also can we save different template as per incident type and use them
Davis Godbout
about 1 month agoMay 26, 2022
With this iteration, we do not currently have a way to repeat message or save templates. Templates will be included in the next milestone of this project.
Greg Lee
27 days agoJune 8, 2022
Will the status update template only affect email?  I would like to have a template for the "SMS and Push notification" as well.  

When using the PagerDuty app, I can only see the text from the "SMS and Push Notifications" edit box
Davis Godbout
22 days agoJune 13, 2022
The current release of the rich text editor affects only long form emails. You should have access to "the custom email" toggle to enable this.

In future releases, we will enable templating of both short form (SMS/ Push) as well email communications.
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